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The Facts Do Matter - CCMC

Saturday, April 25, 2015 - Posted by Bennie Flynn, in Opinion/Commentary

The Facts Do Matter

CCMC Matters

I am responding to the Advertisement I read in the local Coleman newspaper last Wednesday. I am also going to attempt to enumerate the things I find lacking in the proposed building program plans and the dearth of information available for analysis by voters as they decide yea or nay. I am voting no. This makes me sad and worried about our hospital. I have many friends associated with CCMC and have been treated well by the hospital. My father died there in 1996 under the care of Dr. Mathur. I know this will alienate some, but if it does, then perhaps our relationship was not as close as I perceived. This is rather long and may be misunderstood if not read with care and concern. I could spend days, even weeks, reviewing information, but it is not.......

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Letter to the editor - Hospital

Thursday, April 23, 2015 - Posted by Paul Kugle, in Opinion/Commentary

Seems like all I have heard about lately is an addition to the hospital.  It appears that the board wants to add on to the hospital at a cost around $12 million.  Guess who they want to pay for it?  It isn’t the for-profit company that leases our hospital and makes a profit from it. It is us the property owners in Coleman County.  They are also talking a property tax increase of 13-40 cent per $100 value on top of the 35 cents we pay now. They are asking for a 75 cent cap. If all this passes, how long will it take before the taxes rise to that $.75 level?   

Coleman County has approximately 8400 residents (9000 two years ago) many of whom don’t use the CCMC facility at all. The primary users are Coleman city residents and the current facility and staff are more than adequate to meet our needs. 

There are many households in this county which are......

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Hot button issue before us in the proposed new hospital

Thursday, April 23, 2015 - Posted by John Hensley, USN Retired, in Opinion/Commentary

Musings from the Banks of Home Creek

Anyone with access to a Coleman paper can't be in any doubt that we have a hot button issue before us in the proposed new hospital.  Opinions pro and con have been pretty heated.  I am definitely in the against category for a multitude of reasons many of which date back to my concerns with the original formulation of the tax district.  Once you let the camel get its nose under the tent, pretty quick the camel owns the tent.

I have noticed there is great emphasis on how little this new tax increase will cost us and little emphasis on how much we are already paying.  Taking your tax money is like eating an elephant.  You do it one bit at a time till it's all gone.  I have also noticed a feigned moral outrage that

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If you want a voice, sign the petitions

Monday, April 6, 2015 - Posted by Doodie Taylor Knox, in City news, Opinion/Commentary

Dear Editor,

Currently there are two intertwined electrical issues before this community: Two petitions and two State of Texas House Bills. Because the petitions have an end date of Friday, April 10, 2015, I think it is vital for the citizens to understand the true thoughts behind the petitions.

There is no doubt that the citizens of Coleman have an electrical problem. As a county dweller, I chose to stay out of this battle until a recent city council meeting where it was obvious to me that even the council is unaware of what all is occurring with the confidentiality of these electrical contracts.

While I have accepted, in my opinion, the best plan is now to sit out the AEPEP contract, it does not mean the city or its citizens need to sit on their hands either. The two petitions are NOT promoting a single issue. They are promoting an idea. The idea is to give the citizens and taxpayers an option to have their voices heard and help the city council make decisions about what is best for this community.

I can only tell you what I want: I don’t want services cut. I want services improved. I would never support a cut in the budget for either the swimming pool or the library or the police department; however, I am willing to look at alternative funding/budgeting that would allow for their funding plus more. I want a jail even if it means collaboration with another county. I want this community to thrive and move forward. I want the City of Coleman and the Coleman City Council to listen to what its citizens want. That, folks, is why I signed a petition as an interested county resident. I want my voice and YOUR VOICE heard.

It is my opinion this community needs to start planning on its future now by voicing their opinion to the city council and the administration. It is my opinion that the only way your voice is going to be heard is to have an active role in deciding the process of this next electrical contract. Certainly, it is not too early to start now! Signing the petition is not saying you support the sell of the lines. It is saying: I want to investigate and look at alternatives to what we have now. Because I am so dedicated to the library and the pool, I have repeatedly refused to even look at the option, but I do want alternatives. Does Coleman need to put in a wind farm? Would solar be an option? Is our local electrical coop interested? At least with the coop, we are supporting a local business and putting Coleman people to work plus the coop donates to our community. Even LCRA, also an electrical provider, supports the Coleman Public Library, the City of Coleman Park, and Heritage Hall through various grants. What has AEPEP donated to this community? I want to see alternatives, don’t you?

If you want a voice, sign the petition at 112 South Concho (the old cable office). All it is saying is you want your voice to be heard! Next week, I’m going to be telling you about the house bills currently introduced in the Texas Legislation about the confidentiality of electric contracts. It is really a hum dinger!

Respectfully submitted,

Doodie Taylor-Knox

2513 US Hwy 283

Coleman, Texas 76834

(This is the opinion of one or more persons and may or may not reflect the opinion(s) of

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Sign the Petitions

Saturday, April 4, 2015 - Posted by Craig, in Opinion/Commentary

Coleman now has the highest electrical rate in the state of Texas, and the rates are only expected to go up!

But there is something you can do about it.

Sign the petitions! 112 S. Concho (325) 625-5777 / (325) 625-5419

Coleman's high electrical rate is the result of two major problems.
1) In 2007, the city signed a 10 year contact (which was extended in 2012 by another year) that locked in a historically high rate. 2) The city nearly doubles what they charge you over what they pay.

What is so unfortunate is, due to the significant inefficiencies in such a small electrical system, the majority of what the city charges you for electricity does not go to the streets, police department, library or swimming pool as many would like you to believe, it simply goes towards trying to keep this very expensive system running. Multiple debts are associated with our system; and, there was even a property tax increase this year to help keep this system going.

You are paying the city nearly $10.00 for every $1.00 of "Profit". This is a horrific waste money and resources. I am sure we would all gladly pay the city $1.00 directly, instead of $10.00 through our electric bill.  Selling the system could result in a 25% to 50% reduction in your electric bill.

So many have come to believe that we cannot get out of the contract. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Other electrical providers including the CO-OP are willing to purchase the contract and provide us electricity at a substantial discount.

Another false argument is that if we sell the system, we will have to reduce city services. This is also FALSE. There are only 72 MOU's (Municipally owned utilities) in Texas. If such a statement were true, then only 72 cities would be prospering and growing while the others would be declining. Our neighbors, Brownwood, Abilene, Ballinger and even Santa Anna are seeing growth,  they are not MOU's -- how does that compare to Coleman?

Please stop by (quickly) and sign the petitions at 112 S. Concho, between the post office and city hall. Be a part of the solution, or call 325-625-5419

For more details, or to comment on this subject, please see the Coleman Connected electrical forum at

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Saturday, April 4, 2015 - Posted by Jo Ann Eddleman, in Opinion/Commentary

When Your Health Matters?

By Jo Ann Eddleman

Does anyone really think those of us who are opposed to paying increased taxes to fund a $12 million debt to enlarge this hospital are any less aware of our healthcare needs than those who are promoting this new facility? Are not the hundreds, if not thousands, of county residents who do not use this hospital or the local doctors able to receive the healthcare they need with the doctors they use who practice in Abilene, Brownwood and San Angelo? Will not all major illnesses or trauma always be treated in a hospital other than CCMC “when [our] health matters?” If lives have been lost because they were unable to get to a full-service hospital or a higher-level trauma center via a fully-equipped, state-of-the-art ambulance service or Life Flight, let’s hear the numbers.

All I’m hearing is how great the service and caring staff are at CCMC, which I do not doubt. When you have a ratio of 26 hospital staff to 1 patient, you can and should expect extraordinary care. Will a larger facility make the staff care even more? Will fewer people be transported to Abilene, Brownwood, San Angelo or DFW for the advanced care they need? Will the 8,000 plus people in the county all of a sudden decide to switch doctors and make CCMC their hospital of choice? How many insured patients do each of the CCMC doctors have? Those are the folks that we might reasonably expect to be admitted at this hospital under the care of a local doctor. Is that number available?

How many people are going to change their insurance company to make sure they can be admitted at CCMC just because it has been renovated and has a few new pieces of equipment? Is the age and condition of CCMC really the reason so many people choose not to use CCMC for their medical care, or is it because their doctors practice in Abilene, San Angelo, Brownwood, .….?

No one is saying that improvements can’t be made at the hospital. My question is: What improvements have been made in the last few years? What improvements has Preferred Management paid for with the annual $10,000 it is contractually committed to use to make improvements? Since the hospital evidently did not see to it that the roofing company honored its warranty on the roof that is leaking, why can’t the hospital get a loan to make this repair just like the rest of us would? Exactly how much money would it take to repair the dirt berm in the basement with a reinforcement wall? If the hospital makes these kinds of repairs, is the CMS reimbursement provision we hear so much about not available to absorb some of the costs? Just asking.

Why does our hospital always pass the one and only firm and absolute Life Safety Code regulatory requirement regarding fire protection if wood framing is such an issue? (And since when is 3-deep brick exterior wall considered a wood structure?)

No one has yet told me the name and location of even one rural hospital that has been closed in our area, or any area, for code compliance reasons. If this is such a risk to our hospital, typical examples of such closures or even threats of closure should be a dime a dozen.

Let’s not make our decision to incur this 20-year, $12 million debt and the tax increase needed to fund that debt based on heartwarming stories of how much a few patients love our hospital. This hospital will still be open for those who choose to use it, and it will most likely have the same caring staff. Let’s make our decision based on what Coleman County needs and, most of all, what Coleman County can afford.

Bottom line: If we were to poll the insured residents of Coleman County, how many do you think use CCMC as their first choice when their health matters?


(This is the opinion of one or more persons and may or may not reflect the opinion(s) of

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Audio/Video of very passionate discussion 3/19/15

Friday, April 3, 2015 - Posted by Craig, in General News., City news, Opinion/Commentary, Videos

Here's the video everyone is talking about.

A video/audio recording of a very passionate discussion that occurred during the City Council Meeting held Thursday, March 19,2015

Coleman has the highest electrical rates in the state of Texas that we are aware of. These rates are oppressive to both the citizens and businesses of Coleman

To make matters worse, the contracts with AEPEP are secret, and are not available for the citizens to view and analyze.

Representative Keffer of the Texas House, has heard our pleas and sponsored a bill to prevent such contracts from being withheld on the basis of Confidentiality.

Now, the TPPA (Texas Public Power Association), who represents the 72 MOU's in Texas, is fighting to keep these bills from passing, stating that such transparency will have a negative impact on the utilities that they represent.

This discussion and audio/video recording clearly demonstrates the acute level of concern by many citizens and the  city council members on this subject.

Contact us at for more information.
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