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Opinion - Update from ACCT

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - by Jo Ann Eddleman

Although this is not an official count, we heard that as of today 667 have voted in this election. Of course, we with A-C-C-T are counting on a heavy turnout and it looks like that is happening.  We need to hear from the county! Your vote could make the difference in the outcome of this election.

A-C-C-T asks you to vote against Propositions 1 and 2 on the ballot to give the hospital board time to research more options for improvements at the hospital independent of the pressure being brought to bear by the doctors, the hospital staff, and the company that has provided the one and only  $12 million proposal for improvements at the hospital. That  company also happens to lease the facility and has promoted similar proposals for facility renovations in several small towns in Texas even though they are headquartered in Oklahoma. That company stands to gain from federal government CMS subsidies with a larger facility. We should be putting this money into our own coffers, not Preferred Management's Oklahoma bank account. 

This is a county-wide election. The only polling place is at Coleman City Hall. If you need a ride, please call A-C-C-T's toll free number 855-984-1598.

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