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The Ever Confidential AEPEP Contract

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 - by Craig Allen

The Ever Confidential AEPEP Contract
It seems that this issue just keeps getting more and more entwined and convoluted.
In April, after hearing the pleas from Coleman, our state representative in Austin sponsored two bills to ensure contracts between electrical providers and cities could no longer be confidential. These bills would have provided relief to Coleman citizens and businesses by allowing us, the citizens, to finally be able to fully review the contract that is holding us hostage with AEPEP.
You would think that our city leaders would have fully supported this effort. After all, for many years we have heard repeatedly that the contract is secret and there is simply nothing they can do about it.
On March 19th, a very passionate debate took place in Coleman at the city council meeting, where it became abundantly clear that somehow our city leaders were not actually on board with this effort to bring the AEPEP contract to the light of day. In fact, to everyone’s utter surprise, it was just the opposite.  You can see what happened if you watch the video at
On the agenda of the very next city council meeting, this item appeared:
The City Council may consider, discuss and/or take actions regarding the approval of a Resolution opposing House Bill 2715 and House Bill 2716 in their entirety
Many people showed up to voice their opinion on this matter and …… IT WAS TABLED BEFORE THE MAYOR COULD EVEN FINISH HER INTRODUCTION.
Of course, everyone knew something BIG had happened to convince Mayor Pro-tem Payne to quickly call for this resolution to be tabled, but no one knew what the “something” was. 
If it had ended there, it would probably have just been forgotten history; but, of course, such things have a propensity to live on and get more repugnant as they go. And that is just what has happened.
On April 20th, eight (8) city leaders and citizens from Coleman traveled to Austin, without authorization from any board or council, to convince our congressman not to support these bills.

The 8 were:
  1. City Manager, Paul Catoe,                                      --
  2. Mayor Pro-tem Gary Payne,                          --
  3. Mayor-Elect Nick Poldrack                                  -- 625-3370
  4. City Attorney, Pat Chesser,                                  --
  5. EDC Executive Director, Kim Little                 --
  6. EDC Secretary, Roy Poage                           --
  7. County citizen Kay Poage, wife of Roy Poage
  8. Citizen Rodney Cole Jr, as chauffeur.
Yes, these 8 people traveled all the way to Austin in what can only be described, in my opinion, as a covert action to sabotage the processes of transparency that had been started in Austin to give much needed relief to the citizens of Coleman.
WHY did this happen and who authorized it?
We spoke with Mayor Kay Joffrion on this matter.  She let us know that ....

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