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4-A Leadership Under Fire Again!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 - by Craig Allen

In the view of several of those who spoke out this last City council meeting, as well as others who have expressed their opinions online, leadership of our 4-A along with the Coleman city manager have clearly overstepped their authority by allegedly trying to manipulate the process on how a person might become a member of either one of the two economic development boards here in Coleman.

This issue has proven to be very contentious from the beginning. When this item was first brought up at the September 15th CC meeting it immediately found resistance, as council member Jameson, in his own words found such an action to be infuriating.

See Jameson transcript here:

The item was tabled at the time only to resurface this last CC meeting on October 6th, 2016. This time there was a significant amount of tension between leadership of the two economic boards as well as citizens who have been following the issue closely.

See the transcripts from those who spoke out this last meeting here:

It is VERY clear that such an application process was not the creation of the 4-B president and even more revealing, such an application process was not even discussed with the 4-B president!

Coleman, like any small town desperately needs cohesive, efficient, forward looking leadership in both the city council as well as the tax funded economic boards. The statement made by Mr. Merriman, a 4-A director; “And one of the things you need to consider is cronyism.  There’s an awful lot of that that goes on.” really challenges us to believe there is ANY chance that our boards are operating at the level they must for Coleman to rise above the fray.

Two statements by those who spoke out have been found to have a lasting impact on readers.

On December 10 of last year … ten months ago … the council was somehow convinced that it was the right thing to do to make blanket appointments to the 4-A board in an unprecedented manner.  I’ve no idea what council members were told to convince them that this was the right thing to do, but they were convinced … and they succeeded in creating one of the most dysfunctional groups that I have ever had the pleasure to witness.    

It’s one thing to be fooled by master cons, folks … it’s another thing entirely to be snookered by a couple of hacks.   Anyone who was involved, who was misled in that controversy should be embarrassed.  Anyone who was complicit in it should be ashamed. 

Make no mistake:  the request to approve this application is one more attempt to control the 4-B board and put it into the hands of incompetents.  “ Nancy Emmert, 10/6/16


My father always told me that respect is earned, it is not given.  As president of the 4-B board, I would submit to you that having no information, not being told about this being considered, that is a serious lack of respect from the city manager.Joe Haynes, President 4-B

So, it is very clear to those who have read these transcripts, who the true creator of this application process is and who is supporting it, but WHY? Is there a hidden agenda like some have expressed? Is there someone who has and continues to influence what the city manager puts on the agenda other than the council members and city secretary? Yes, it would appear so. Coleman Connected has received a letter indicating that there is indeed an individual that has had a constant hand in the direction the city manager should take and what he believes should be on the agenda. This folks, is not a part of the solution it is in-fact the underlying problem.

It would appear however that this “influence” is coming under pressure as members now fight against members and the whole untidy mess begins to fully unravel. One of the reasons many find the resurrection story of Jesus to be fully confirmed, is that those who held to the story were fully prepared to give their life in its support. Tangled lies and corruption are always unveiled and once started, the doors cannot open quick enough.

Perhaps new doors are opening for Coleman as some of our Leadership; with more to follow, take a firm stance for Coleman transparency and integrity.

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Direct Link to this Comment Nancy Emmert - Wednesday, October 12, 2016 19:17
On the money, Craig, and well-said!

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to the future Coleman.

Direct Link to this Comment Berry Phillips - Thursday, October 13, 2016 10:48
Thanks so much for keeping us informed on these issues. It appears that one of our council members is standing up and speaking out, I hope the others take note. The council was elected by we the people, and its time they start listening to we the people.

Direct Link to this Comment Jeannie Moss - Thursday, October 13, 2016 11:33
Right on the money Craig.
There are those of us that have attempted to draw attention to this ''influence'' for several years now. It finally is beginning to see the light of day and it can't continue if Coleman is to prosper or even survive . There are those that attempt to circumvent progress at every angle and I just hope that finally, people are watching and asking why.

Direct Link to this Comment barcus nunley - Thursday, October 13, 2016 18:24
Gary Payne and Sherman Smith also stepped up to the plate and defeated the murky, incoherent, control-freak machinations of the POAGESTER and the stooge, Catoe.....

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