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Monday, February 3, 2020 Here has been created to gather, index, and highlight at least a small portion of the truly overwhelming evidence which clearly supports that there is and was a creator.

Our goal is to re-post and/or create videos that are 30 minutes or less in length; yet, offer factual and authoritative discussions and evidence to aid those who are seeking the truth; however, have been dismayed by the voluminous amount of content. Perhaps here is at least a place to start.

Our 2nd video attempts to answer one of the most frequently asked questions posed by both people of faith and not;

"If There Is A God Why Is There [so much] Evil In The World?"

Working to answer this question, (in 30 minutes or less), this video features a compilation of several videos, which you can watch at full length, links are provided under the you tube video.

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